Prescription: humility as needed

Prescription: humility as needed

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

We live in a beautiful world inhabited by three types of people. The Kind, the Indifferent and the Ruthless.

Type: Kind

When these beautiful people practice compassion with others, they make the world turns, the flowers bloom and the sky blue. They make us see the positive things in life and in people. Honor these people, respect and follow them. Being humble and practicing empathy are their motto and purpose for the betterment of others. Here, practice full humility with them. Yet, they are the silent powerful majority.

Type: Indifferent

These type of people follow whoever is in a position of power and leadership. They are blind followers. They are careless about other people. Mostly are selfish and back stabbers. Avoid sharing your dreams, secrets and goals with them. Help them to improve but expect their betrayal. To them, humility is practiced by the weak.

Type: Ruthless

These people are aware of what they want and know how to get it. They are manipulators with no compassion for other #people. They are #merciless, #arrogant, #heartless, #careless, #callous and #cruel. Be assertive. Practice humility with them as needed.

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