Thought Leader Summit

Thought Leader Summit

Updated on November 22, 2019

These photos were taken during the 3rd Annual Thought Leader Summit. The summit was organized by the talented staff of Forbes School of Business & Technology at Ashford University. I and about 80 Thought leaders had a blast. Here are some photos and video highlights from the summit.

Photos courtesy of each Thought Leader’s own page.

Mr. Forbes’ presentation was about the state of our economy.

Mr. Steve Forbes and Dr. Abraham Mr. Roger Love and Dr. Abraham

Dr. Diane Hamilton, Dr. Abraham Khoureis with Mr. Steve Forbes

.Dr. Avisha Sadeghinejad and Dr. Abraham Khoureis The Talented Mr. Eddie Turner and Dr. Abraham Khoureis Dr. Ray Powers and Dr. Abraham Khoureis .Mr. Roger Love and Dr. Abraham Khoureis ..Dr. Diane Hamilton, Mr. Steve Forbes, and Dr. Abraham KhoureisDr. Diane Hamilton, Dr. Maja Zielhic, Mr. Jeff Cox, his dear guest, and Dr. Abraham Dr. Diane Hamilton, Dr. Maja Zilehic, Dr. Abraham Khoureis, and Mr. Jeff Cox and dear guest. The Esteemed Dean Bob Daugherty Rich Karlgaard and his guests

.Rich Karlgaard and his guests.Samar Marwan and her guests.Keynote Speaker: Mr. Steve Forbes.Host Ms. Margie Warrell.

The amazing Roger Love doing his magic. Roger is a talented internationally recognized celebrity voice coach.

.Forbes Magazine Publisher, Rich Karlgaard.

Ms. Samar Marwan