Self-promotion: How It Works

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

Most people don’t practice self-promotion for the fear of being perceived as self-adsorbed and self-conceited. A well-taken point if we practice self-promotion with the intention of self-glorification with bad taste. A Trump’s style of self-promotion of sort, which advocates for self-promotion of everything about me. The world revolves around me and only me. Trump’s style I don’t recommend and isn’t what I mean. The self-promotion I am recommending here is the one with modest approach and humble techniques.

It is where we listen first to what others have to say about themselves. Then, reciprocate in kind (if the other party is interested) tell them about yourself and who you are. Seek permission to expand, so they can know more about you, from you.

Unfortunately, since most people have a crab mentality and not ashamed to exercise it, there is another approach I strongly recommend, which is to find a credible third-wheeler with the purpose of authentically promoting you to others and then exits the scene.

This third-wheeler must know their specific role and when to act it.

Self-promote yourself. Enjoy your achievements, but be humble.