COVID-19 Is A Real Disruptor. A Deceptive One.

COVID-19 is a real disruptor of our economy, businesses, schools, and way of life.

As we absorb the initial shock and adjust to this new reality of life, we have to reassess our priorities, create new strategies and utilize different tactics in implementing them.

Regardless of who and where you are in fighting this disruption, I want you to think like an Entrepreneur. This is how:

1) See opportunities in every crisis.

2) Think critically. Think outside the norms of how you used to make your decision. Find new ways to navigate to help yourself and others.

3) Forget the old thinking of following your passion. Here, I share with you my tip on how I helped my clients, mentees and self: find your purpose and align your passion with it. Use your passion to make your purpose a reality. Follow your purpose and use your passion as the fuel you need to stay on track.

4) Make sure your individual purpose is a community-driven purpose. And your organizational goal as a society purpose-driven one.

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