When time stops, take time to enjoy life’s simple treasures

A dear friend of mine stitched this picture frame for me in 2010. Since then, it accompanied me, reminding me to take time to enjoy life’s simple treasures.

Take time to enjoy life’s simple treasures

Take Time To Enjoy Life’s Simple Treasures

I wouldn’t be truthful if I brag that I heeded this message all the time. As life’s responsibilities, personal trials, challenges, and racing for achievements took me away from life’s simplest pleasure and treasure of them all: living a simple life.

These days, staying away from my office and businesses made me realize that the dream I was chasing was materialized a long, long time ago. Too many things in my life I am grateful for. An extended loving family and friends that care for me and likewise, I care for. Of course I wouldn’t forget those few remarkable hearts that love me and certainly, I love them back.

Having lived to see COVID-19’s rising number of the dead, my businesses, my things, my achievements, my degrees, don’t mean nothing to me anymore. I just wish to travel back in time and look for and connect with the simple treasure in life.

Below, I share some of the personal things in my life: my office.


In this post is your invitation to spirituality. Connect to what matters to you the most.


About the Author: Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a multi-talented thought leader who utilizes his writing, research and influence to advocate for positive social change.

The Reception
Private Office Twin Room
Working Area
Working Area
The Academy
With COVID-19, when time stopped.