COVID-19 WWIII – Winners and Losers – Prediction

COVID-19 WWIII – Winners and Losers – Prediction

We are already at war, and within the realm of War World III. In this war, the enemy is smart and invisible. The soldiers on the many battle fields are the healthcare professionals. The recovery team will be the ‘mindful’ economists.

This COVID-19, WWIII war was initiated by human scientists under the direction of corrupt Globalists. The victims of this war are the poor, the elderly, the sick, and our society’s marginalized citizens.


China will emerge as the new Super Power.

Russia: Second in line within Europe.

Iran: Regional power in the Middle East.

Individuals: Globalists, the heartless business men, their families and their immediate supporters.


Individuals: The American people collectively and the good people in other nations are the losers of this man-made tragic war.

At the end of this war, China will take the economic helm of the world leadership.

The European Union’s unity will be shaken up. Most European, African and Asian countries will seek the influence of China and Russia in managing their war recovery efforts. Due to incompetency, the U.S. global leadership will be sidelined.

Before it is too late:

Take this prediction to heart, wise up, collaborate, and be humble, or you will hear us reminding you, we told you so.

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