Another Successful MBA Graduate Course Is On

Another successful MBA graduate course is on.

For the next seven weeks, my current MBA students and I will be occupied exploring the science of Organizational Behavior. In this graduate course, the students are expected to learn the latest trends in management theories and leadership emerging trends.

I am excited to share my insights with these talented bulldogs: Yvonne, Dominique, Frances, Yanna, Sharoze, Stephanie and Jeanne… all indeed professional achievers in their own rights.

Pleased to report to you that our first session in this course was a full-interactive online session: lecture, case-study discussions and team exercise activities. In today’s environment, how many universities can comfortably claim that? At University of Redlands School of Business, the members of my MBA class and I proudly achieved that.

To inquire about our MBA, MSOL and undergraduate programs, please contact Ms. Pamela Allen at our Burbank campus. Or, visit the University website at

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