Forward Thinking On Creating Your Culture

Forward Thinking On Creating Your Culture

Know this: All faith based institutions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other doctrines such as Buddhism, Sikhism, or Hinduism, etc., and our modern organizational, societal and notional cultures are ALL made up by us for the purpose of creating a stable status quo where members of the same homogeneous groups thrive and prosper.

Once different groups interact with these cultures, conflict and discontent become a new norm, which may lead to a dysfunctional conflict that may cause infighting and require the change of the status quo.

To avoid a dysfunctional conflict, embrace diversity from the beginning. Instead of a structuring a homogeneous working environment culture, do create a heterogeneous working environment culture and make it the structure of the day. Those who will choose to become homogeneous within this structure, they will be considered ‘interdependent teams’ and will form as such within the culture. The conflict that may arise with this approach will be a functional healthy conflict.

Now, you know.

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