Sustaining the U.S. Culture

Sustaining the U.S. Culture

United We Stand

What you need to know:

– Declaration of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States of America.

– With the shift of balance of power, expect some Republicans senators to change alliances and become blue, thus the Democrats will have control of the Presidency, the House, and eventually the Senate.

– The Deep State exercised all of its might ‘legally’ to drive Trump out of office.

– It is wise for Trump to get out of Dodge peacefully and respectfully, before the knights and might of the Deep State remove him by force disgracefully.

– To the Deep State: The Game is over. Trump’s toxic era has ended. Maintaining the mainstream American culture and sustaining its viability for generations to come take precedence over its president’s personal ambitions and legacy.

– Trump as a fighter will take his perceived fraud allegations to the Supreme Court. Although the game will be played as he wishes: recounting of the votes, gain few points here and there. At at the end, it is decided. To save the Institution of the Hierarchy, Trump’s time on the helm of the U.S. Presidency is over.

Lesson learned:

Sustaining the culture is more important than preserving the legacy of whom has ruled it.

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