Arrogant Leadership Is Destined to Fail

Arrogant Leadership Is Destined To Fail

I am going out on a limb to predict that within 360 days from the time Joe Biden is sworn as a U. S. President on January 20, 2021, wait for it: Covid-19 will disappear and it will be up to the medical professionals to nurse the wounded to a new open world of love and healing again.

Arrogant Leadership Is Destined to Fail

I predicted the power of the Deep State and its success in the demise of Trump’s legacy, which was just materialized. And so, I predict today:

Covid-19 will disappear within 360 days of the new day.

On a side note, when I wrote in early February 2020 that Covid-19 is with us because it wants to teach our arrogant leadership a lesson of humility, few arrogance’s lovers within my network left. The issue of my rejection of the leadership of President Trump wasn’t because he is a Republican or a Democrat, the affiliation doesn’t matter, I was and am against arrogant and toxic leadership.

Lesson to leaders: Trump’s failure(s) shall be attributed to his arrogance and to his mismanagement of a tiny creation.

The failure of Trump’s leadership is a lesson to us all. That leading with compassion is the key to effectively serve our societies. And that truly health is wealth.

I pray to God that He heals the wounded and to place His mercy on the souls of those who perished.

Thank you, Covid. You may go home!