The secrets of success are: … read on

The secrets of success are: … read on

I am not luckier than you, nor smarter than you. Allow me to share with you the secrets of success.

On June 15, 2021, my students and I completed two successful and concurrent MBA classes. Few days before, on June 13, 2021, I continued my effort on being in the front line of reaching the communities that are still impacted by COVID-19. In three hours, a deal was reached: payment was directly deposited and a shipment was sent in the following days (see attached). But, why I am sharing this? To boast? To tell you I am lucky and smart? No. Not at all.

Here, I am sharing the secrets of success with the primary purpose of sharing what works if you want to succeed in life.

1) Good Intention: In all of your dealings, whether business, professional, academic or personal, you must practice the art of giving without expecting anything in return. Your “good intention” must be genuine. With your students, give them knowledge that will sustain them beyond a classroom. With your customers, provide value to their sales experience, whether service or product.

2) A Grateful Soul: Be grateful to whomever impacted your life: positively or negatively. For those who played a positive part in your development, reciprocate in kind toward them, and toward others by paying it forward. For those who exhibited negative behaviors toward you, acknowledge it, be aware of their impact and ignore it by being kind to them. Guide them to be better.

3) Take Care of Your Eldery Parent: If applicable, extend a helping hand to your elderly parent in their time of needs. The blessings that come out of this behavior is unparalleled and it could be mysteriously heavenly guided.

Hope you find these secrets useful. If so, please share.

Serving the impacted communities is our goal

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