Dr. Abe Khoureis & Company – A Global Thought Leader Mentorship Network

Introducing Dr. Abe Khoureis & Company – A Global Thought Leader Mentorship Network

Dr. Abe Khoureis & Company
A Global Thought Leader Mentorship Network

When we talk about Dr. Abe Khoureis & Company, I want you to imagine a management consulting and leadership mentoring company with its might equals and exceeds the valuable contribution of McKinsey & Company at a portion of the cost.

Imagine no more. Dr. Abe Khoureis & Company will employ within its folds more than 100 global thought leader specialists and strategists in a variety of (business, management, leadership, and politics) disciplines and topics. Spearheaded by Dr. Abraham Khoureis, a multi-talented thought leader, a University professor, an award-winning mentor, and an optimist who believe in the existence of an opportunity in every call for change.

At your fingertip you will access the best global minds in business, management, politics, and leadership. All in one place. Name your leadership needs and a global thought leader will be assigned to mentor you and your organization at an affordable cost and a premium fee.

To schedule your complimentary (free) 30 minutes assessment mentorship session with one of the top business, management, academic, leadership, and a multi-talented Thought Leader Mentor in the business, kindly contact us at the below link.

Dr. Abe’s List of Qualifications:

– Member Forbes Coaches Council.

– U & R Mentor of the Year.

– University Professor of MBA Management & Organizational Behavior; Leading Individuals and Teams; and Organization Theory.

– Multi-talented Global Thought Leader.

– Owner of multiple businesses.

– Professional and an academic expert.

– Problem Solver.

– An Optimist. Famous for advocating for “finding an opportunity in every challenge”.

– Political Strategist and a Certified Negotiator.

– Certified Visionary Coach.

– A Professional SAG-AFTRA Talent Agent.

– Disability Rights Advocate.

– Top 1% Engagement on LinkedIn.

– Graduate of Harvard Business School Online Entrepreneurship Essentials and Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate programs.

– Lead and Manage His Own Professional Franchised SAG-AFTRA Hollywood Talent Agency.

– Author of Forbes.com “The Seven Secrets of An Award-Winning Mentor”.

– Founder of the Remaking of the New Capitalist: A Global perspective that might change your outlook and make you a better leader and an exceptional human being.

Just to name few.

Clientele included but not limited to: C-suite Executives; Hollywood Actors, Actresses. Producers and Directors; Attorneys-at-law; Business Owners; Leaders in Top Management; Politicians; Students; and above average future leaders with a promise.

Can you afford spending the time with such Mentor(s)?

$1,000 per hour, $2,000? $5,000?
Not al all.

In this 30 minutes free session, we will assess your leadership needs and recommend the right qualified mentor for you. If you need to be mentored directly by Dr. Abraham Khoureis or his qualified Global Thought Leaders that could be arranged at a reasonable and affordable fee.

If you have what it takes and need that extra push, schedule your complimentary (free) 30 minutes session with Dr. Abe Khoureis & Company.

All of our one-to-one or three-member team mentorship programs are conducted virtually and online using Web access Zoom technology.

To schedule your free 30 minutes leadership assessment mentorship session, please complete our Contact Form here. A follow up e-mail will guide you on how to finalize the complimentary 30 minutes assessment mentorship program process.