Strawberry Mentality

Strawberry Mentality!
What is that? Read on…

In this post, I introduce the concept of the Strawberry Mentality and provide you few techniques on how to avoid getting into one.

You may not know that once you touch a strawberry fruit you must serve it or eat it. It is not advisable to touch it and leave it for later to eat or serve. But why? I am glad you asked. This is why I am introducing the concept of “The Strawberry Mentality” and sharing what evolves around it.

First, let us take a pledge or an oath of sort, if the concept resonated with you, kindly, when used tag your humble perfecter of the concept, me.

To test the strawberry touching myth, I bought a fresh organic strawberry basket and physically touched one piece of the strawberry fruit and left in the fridge for few hours. Behold, the shape of the fresh vibrant fruit changed and zoomed in as if something sucked its vibrancy from within (see picture insert). So, what is the strawberry mentality?

The strawberry mentality deals with people who are like the strawberry fruit they change from within whenever they are touched or felt they were touched.

These are the characteristics of individuals with the strawberry mentality: sensitive, spoiled, feeling of entitlement and privileges, careless, tactless, easily agitated and angered, there are no age or gender limits or boundaries, has no empathy or compassion.

Yet, when they are faced with real challenges, they fold in; their physical and emotional beings manifest themselves by negatively influencing the immediate environment.

How to avoid getting into one?

– Self-awareness plays an impactful part of guiding you of not to be trapped in the strawberry mindset.

– Humility will warm you emotionally and allow you to accept the opinions and guidance of others.

– Compassion will regulate your behavior of making you think of yourself to the service of others. So, instead of making the issue about you and get trapped of how dare this or that talk to me this way, and so on, your mindset will be adjusted to think of how the opinions of others improve you, so you can improve others.

Eating a strawberry fruit is delicious and tasteful, yet becoming one is tasteless and classless. Avoid not to become a strawberry.

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