God is Pain


“God is pain?” she asks in a surprising tone. Then, inquires, “we know God is love, God is mercy, God is compassion, but God is pain, your idea might be very difficult to grasp, Dr. Abe.”

Dear Reader,

Let me unpack it for you. I am not describing God as pain. Simply and strongly stating that God is Pain. To understand and find God in your life, find your pain. Pain makes its presence known by producing an uncomfortable 🥵 feeling and at times, a paralyzing one. Yet, God’s presence is of comfort and healing. Whenever you deny the comfort of the presence of God, think of your pain as a proof of His presence and existence.

For us to understand the existence of God in our lives, think of how your pain exists without you’re being able to see it. Think. If you don’t see God, it doesn’t mean She/He doesn’t exist. I believe you have pain because you tell me that you feel it. And I believe God exists because I feel His presence in my life. Makes sense? Hope you find this thought useful in seeing God as you feel your pain.