The Supreme Court Decision and the Art of Suspending Your Judgment – Takeaways.

Obviously in both camps of the Roe vs. Wade’s SC debacle, emotions are running high. The victory and defeat flags are raised and they surely know how to fly. In the For camp, smiles are opened wide, while in the Against camp millions shed their tears and their eyes are now dry.

In this article, I would take a third-party perspective and share how the decision to overturn a 49 years old Federal opinion into non-existence.

While performing our good or evil deeds, all of us hide behind fancy titles (Dr. Senator, President; name of corporations (…), and public agencies (Dept of Justice, Dept of State); including the Supreme Court. But, why do we do that? Because first and foremost, we are individuals, and the members of the Supreme Court are no exception. True the lifetime residing Judges on the Supreme Court are experienced and professionas, but they are still individuals.

As individuals naturally and “mistakenly” we tend to use the principles of our value system, our faith, and political agenda to render our decisions. Until we are held accountable and instructed to use what is good for the system, society, country, and nation, the trend continues.

The question then becomes why would a Federal opinion that lasted for 49 years can’t exist anymore?

Simple, members of the Supreme Court used their own belief system to render the decision.

If the decision to rescind an opinion that was issued 49 years and based on what is good for the nation, then both the ‘for and against’ Judges would have united to render their decision in favor of keeping this opinion that for almost 50 years proved essential to stabilize a society, maintained a needed status quo for societal stability and unity, provided equitable rights for women who until recently were a marginalized segment of society. And they just returned to that position fighting for the rights to how to better serve their body.

Q) So, how did the For camp succeed after 50 years to overturn a legal opinion / law that protected the rights of women to make decisions regarding their own body?

A) Strategy and technicality.

On two occasions the For camp strategized and planned the cases presented to the Supreme Court, which led to the final decision that: the Supreme Court is not qualified to issue an opinion regarding abortion. With this opinion under their arm ‘technically’ the For camp was able to argue their case in favor to overturn Roe vs. Wade. A Court opinion that became a law, and then 49 years later was rescinded. This is for Ripley.

In overturning Roe vs. Wade the Supreme Court in 5-4 rescinded the opinion that was adopted 49 years ago and returned to each individual State the full right to render its own decision on the issue of legalizing abortion or not.


  • There is nothing absolute. Even the highest court of the land makes mistakes. Mistakes are meant to be corrected.
  • Planning and strategies will make you achieve your objectives.
  • Assigning key personnels to do your dirty work may work. It did this time as the vote of Judge Any Barrett swayed the 5-4 votes needed to rescind the half a century old opinion.

Where do we go from here?

  • Each State will set its own abortion laws. Many already have.
  • All the demonstrations will be a place to vent anger, frustration, and despair. Nothing will change the new opinion unless the Against camp strategize and plan. Introduce bills that will challenge the current legal opinion, but first make sure you have a Judge with a strong standing in support and you will succeed, let us say in about 50 years.

When rendering a decision suspend your personal and your party’s belief system, then you will genuinely serve your nation. Otherwise, it is all a BS show meant to show off the greatness of Kleptocracy, sorry Democracy.

Judge Amy Coney Barret