My Letter to the King of Sweden: Save Sweden from Itself.

Holy Quran

Office of Dr. Abraham Khoureis Compassionate Leadership Society – US

PO Box 10735 / Glendale, CA 91209 – USA

July 23, 2023

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf

c/o: Office of the Marshal of the Court

Kungi. Slottet

The Royal Palace SE 107 70 

Stockholm Sweden

Your Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf:

It is with a heavy heart, I seek your intervention in a matter of great concern to the global community. I write to you as a concerned human being and an ambassador of compassionate leadership, who deeply values the bonds of peace, understanding, compassion and mutual respect and harmony that have been forged between diverse cultures and religions over centuries. Recent sad events in Sweden have deeply raised significant concerns about the preservation of this religious harmony and respect for diverse faiths within the borders of Sweden.

Many of us (non-Muslims and Muslims) across the globe were saddened to witness the unfortunate, uncivilized, and primitive acts that have taken place on Swedish soil, wherein the holy book of Islam, the Quran, revered by over 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide, has been subjected to acts of intentional and malicious desecration such as burning, tearing, and insult. Such acts of desecration are not only deeply hurtful and offensive to the 1.7 billion Muslims and billions of peace loving people around the globe but also challenge the principles of mutual respect and coexistence that are essential for a peaceful and harmonious civilized society.

I understand that Sweden, like many nations, champions the right to freedom of expression. However, freedom of expression, while a fundamental right, should never be used as a veil to perpetrate acts of hatred and disrespect towards any religious or non-religious belief. Such rights come with the responsibilities of respect, understanding, harmony, and accountability. The desecration of the Quran not only contradicts the principles of religious tolerance but also undermines the values of a fair and just society that Sweden stands for.

The intentional desecration of a holy book as perpetrated by a Swedish national who misguidedly and irresponsibly was protected by the Swedish government is an “ISIS like” criminal act that should not be tolerated or given a breathing ground to prosper, survive, and thrive. What is the difference between an ISIS member who destroys a church, smashes the sculpture of the Virgin Mary, or a Swedish national or immigrant who intentionally desecrate the words of God? Allow me to share with you, both have the same source of evil mindset, backwardness and mental state of bigotry and hate. What’s next burning mosques, churches and temples? This is not a freedom of expression. This is pure evil “ISIS inspired” uncivilized criminal act. It should be declared so, and stopped.

These uncivilized acts, if continued, risk not only stoking tensions and discord within Sweden’s multicultural society but could also have negative ramifications on the international stage. It is important to recognize that such criminal acts can inadvertently provide ammunition to extremists on all sides, who may use these incidents to further their divisive and hateful agendas. Many of us in our societies hide behind the names of organizations, learning institutions, departments of justice, seats of presidency, monarchies, society enshrined doctrines and jurisprudence, judicial committees, constitution, or supreme courts in order to commit acts against humanity, common decency, civil rights and civil harmony. Let us not forget that these entities are led by people who have their own evil agendas. In such events, it becomes incumbent upon responsible leaders to know right from wrong and correct it. Here is where your role as a respected, honorary spiritual father of Sweden as a nation comes into play.

Your Majesty,

We at the core of our being know, Islam like other major religions, holds deep values of mercy, compassion, and respect for all human beings and their faiths. History is testament to how Islamic societies have protected and embraced people of various religious beliefs, including Christians, Jews, and others. It is a known fact that Christians and Jewish schools of thoughts actually prospered under Islamic rule. To my understanding, the Quran reveres and respects the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus, who both are held in high esteem by all Muslims. The Quran acknowledges Jesus as a revered prophet, emphasizes his miraculous birth, and speaks highly of his teachings. As a matter of fact, no Muslim can be a true Muslim unless they accept the miracle birth of Jesus and acknowledge his teachings.

Throughout history, Islam has shown its capacity for coexistence and tolerance. The Prophet of Islam Muhammad (through divine revelations) himself protected the rights of Christians, Jews, and followers of other faiths, and treated them with kindness and respect. They even call them/us, “People of the Book”. The Charter of Medina, a constitution proclaimed by the Prophet, guaranteed the rights and safety of non-Muslims in a Muslim-majority society. Also, another known fact, Prophet Muhammad is the only man in existing history that can claim that he is solely through his message of Islam entered/witnessed the love of Jesus and his mother Virgin Mary into the hearts of billions of people throughout times, and continuously, year after year. In a fair world, Muhammad should be declared a Christian saint.

This legacy of mercy and mutual respect has continued for centuries. In a sign of mercy and respect to Non-Muslims who lived under a Muslim-majority rule, the 2.5% jizya (tax) that Islamic law mandated on financially able non-Muslims gave those non-Muslims equal rights of protection and exemption from joining any war making them prosper and succeed without taking any risks. Whereas in our current societies, we impose 20-35% percent on Muslims and others living in our societies and while irresponsibly protecting those ignorant bigots and wickedly calculating imbeciles who burn and desecrate God’s words and others’ holy book. Shame on us for allowing such primitive criminal malicious acts.

Your Majesty,

Continuing such acts of desecration SHALL have dire consequences, not only in terms of inciting discord and hatred, which started to happen, but also in damaging the reputation of Sweden who as a country “until recently” was known for its respect of human rights and religious freedoms. It would be deeply regrettable if history were to record that under your esteemed reign, the holy words of God as presented in the holy Quran were continually disrespected and violated. Your Majesty, Guide your people now and help lift this injustice or wait the upcoming wrath of God. History is our best guide and great reminder to what happen to those who attempted such acts before.

I humbly “with all that I represent” implore Your Majesty to use your esteemed “honorary spiritual father” position to promote understanding, tolerance, co-existence and respect for all faiths and communities within our beloved Sweden. By promoting interfaith dialogue, education, understanding, and collaboration, we can work towards building bridges of harmony and strengthen the fabric of our diverse societies. Our aim is societies where every individual’s beliefs are respected and protected.

Sweden has always been a beacon of progress, peace, and harmony. However, somehow evil has captured and now guides its soul. I believe that even with your limited political power, under your esteemed guidance, Sweden’s soul could be freed and restored, and can continue to exemplify these values, fostering an environment where all its citizens, irrespective of their faith, feel safe, respected, and valued. Let us help people celebrate their differences and enjoy their human experience.

Thank you for your understanding, indulgence, humility, and immediate attention to this urgent matter.

For Sweden – With The Times

With my respect, 

A. Khoureis

Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D.

PSA: Save Sweden from itself.

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