A story of untold love

A story of untold love

A moment of time in the presence of a lady with a gentle heart and a beautiful soul.

There stands a lady, a queen in her own castle, with a heart so gentle, it touches the hearts of those with inspiring hopes and full of accomplished dreams. She’s a queen of serve, and care. A sole guardian to those whose hearts somehow through mysterious power have intertwined with hers, shielding them with an unwavering silent dare.

She is full of elegance and grace — adorned with class, with every step she takes, every word she utters, and every text she whispers, all in unison she exudes unflattered poise. Yet, behind with grace voluntarily she allows him to slip through to touch her gentle heart in order to reenergize him, to save him, so he can sails away safe and sound through the stormy waves.

As she sees him sails far far away, her silent wit dances through uncomphrended chatter, leaving traces of chuckles in its wake. She knows, her heart knows, he may sail away, but he will come back to her with no time, because she knows, he loves her for heaven sake.

In her presence, pretense fades, to those blessed enough to be in her world, she’s a testament to the beauty that arises when kindness melds with strength, and love intertwines with resolve. His heart knows, she cares.

My heart truly loves this lady with a gentle heart and a beautiful soul.

As he sails away, she knows he will return