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Celebrating University of Redlands

Happy to share with you that today two of my MBA students were inducted into University of Redlands’ prestigious Whitehead Leadership Society. The WLS celebrates the high academic achievements and leadership initiatives of our students. Proud of you Diana J. Velazco and Sherry Gray. Well-deserved. As well as proud of Zachary Keirstead, Ryan Mclean, Mary Anne Quioa. Diana was my Mentee in 2018, and now she is my MBA student. She is a star MBA Scholar. Such a joy to know that.

Also, during the semester, my class members and I were honored by a class visit from our esteemed Associate Dean G. Keith Roberts and our Student Services Director, the talented and dynamic Ms. Christine Taitano. See photos below.

Thank you Dr. Tom Horan, and Team for your great leadership. Kudos to you all.

Sherry, Diane, and Dean Horan
Diane, Sherry, with Associate Dean Keith Roberts
Team Addie: Diane, Ryan, Sherry, Zachary, Maryanne, and dear guest.
Team Addie with the dynamic Ms. Christine Taitano
Celebrating University of Redlands
Celebrating University of Redlands
Presentation Time
Presentation Time
Future Scholars
Purposeful Leaders of Tomorrow
Research and then, research
Purpose-driven of tomorrow
Dr. Abraham Khoureis and Associate Dean Keith Roberts
Celebrating University of Redlands

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