Let us change the way we use the words: Real and Virtual

Let us change the way we use the words: Real and Virtual

What comes to mind when you read or hear the following statements?

“The difference between a real work environment and a virtual work environment is…” or “Students in a real classroom versus students in a virtual classroom are…”

Searching for meaning of words will have an impact on your message. For example, I don’t appreciate the way we use the words ‘real classroom’ when we refer to a traditional setting of a learning environment. Real classroom? So, what does that make a virtual classroom, a fake one? And the students in an online virtual classroom are less valued and receive inferior education?

Let us change the way of how we use these words. When you want to refer to on-ground classroom, let us not call it a real classroom, but call it a traditional classroom. And when you refer to an online virtual classroom, make sure to emphasize innovation and creativity of delivering education and knowledge to whomever seeks it.

Creating a positive mentality of how we see things, even within words is part of learning. Always remember, a “word is mightier than the sword.”

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