Make That Call

Make that call

In this time of uncertainty, your emlployees/staff/followers are looking at you as their role model to make an impact in their lives. Pick up the phone and inquire about their and their family’s well-being. Sending them an e-mail is yesterday’s way of communicating with your people.

If you have a small size organization and you are able to spend few minutes on the phone with each one of them, make the call and inquire about how they are doing. If your organization is large in numbers, make a voice or video message and actively send it to all.

Get out from behind your computer screen and reach out to your people today. Your people are measuring and observing your behaviors, and eager to hearing from you.

I guarantee you this, do what I am telling you to do, after this passes, you will have loyal followers that will do whatever it takes to make you succeed.

Pick the phone and make the call.

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