The Deceptive Act of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Racial “Facial” Placement

The Deceptive Act of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Racial “Facial” Placement

What I am about to reveal to you only few of us are aware of and many practice it.

Racial “Facial” Placement

In the current rise of diversity, equity and inclusion, in the mind of yesterday’s leadership, there is a need for racial “facial” placement. A deceptive act where leaders can master and manipulate the actual image of their environments to convey and portray a diverse and homogeneous culture. Where in fact the culture is homogeneous and exclusive from top to bottom.

In my talent agency, we receive inquiries for such placement. Some breakdowns will require people from certain faith with a specific physical attire. Others ask for a specific color and ethnic background. Truth be told, as always, I do not entertain such requests and have ignored these breakdowns. But why?

Because I want the DE&I placement to be authentic and real. I am not going to have you deceive the public (customers and prospective parties) with our help.

How does it work?

A leader within an organization or educational institution attempts to color and sustain her fading culture by temporarily including people from different backgrounds to manipulate the minds of others to make them believe the organization’s workforce including its management, faculty and student body are diverse and include within its human capital “people” for example: with disability, different ethnic backgrounds, gender or age, etc.

This deceptive act is an art that is practiced subtly and on a daily basis.

How do I know if I am a victim of such deceptive practice?

Look at your work or school environment, if you are the only one within that environment of the same race or attributes, revisit your ranking and placement. Are you always in the photos or videos produced by your company or school? If so, smile, you are a victim. Run with it and use the environment, the organization or school for you to shine.

About the author:
Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a multi-talented thought leaders and author who uses his writing for positive social change.